Our Mission

iHelp, with a collective, community-driven mindset, employs a unique approach towards humanitarianism that educates, enriches, and fosters self-sustainability in the communities we serve. We collaborate with global partners to identify community needs concerning infrastructure, healthcare, and education and respond with innovative, tailored solutions, ultimately eliminating the socioeconomic divide troubling underserved parts of the world.

Our Team

Quinn Simpson

Founder | Co-President | Chief Executive Officer

Will Trevino, MSBE

Founder | Co-President | Chief Operating Officer

Robert B. Eysler

Founder | Executive Chairman | Executive Director

Christian Stuef

Founder | Secretary | Chief Information Officer

Dr. Kevin Landau, M.D.

Director of Clinical Operations

Randy Shumpert

Director of South Florida Operations

Corey Shafer

Assistant Director

Marsha Mullings, MPH

South Florida Project Manager

Dr. Douglas Peebles, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Betsy Barrueta

Intern Fundraising Coordinator | South Florida Project

Kartiana Desir

Intern Training Coordinator | South Florida Project

Maria Garcia

Intern Clinical Coordinator | South Florida Project

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