"Forward Ever, Backwards Never"


While this is under construction, iHelp plans to employ local healthcare providers to conduct free street medicine initiatives across the target areas. These programs will provide care while simultaneously obtaining evidence based data to help us identify the most effective directions for future actions.

What are we focused on?

Our local contacts have identified several areas in desperate need of medical care. We are currently dedicated to building these communities healthcare facilities where they can seek medical treatment for free. Endemic illnesses such as malaria are very common and deadly if left untreated. Both diagnostic tests and medication are very expensive to acquire on a Ghanian salary in these remote areas. These areas are especially of interest to iHelp as we can facilitate a sustainable impact with a continued presence.

  • Eastern Region
  • Remote villages outside of Koforidua
  • Remote villages outside of the Akuapim
  • North District
  • Ashanti Region
  • Butre and Remote villages outside of Busua
  • At risk areas of Kumasi
Deep within the Ashanti region lies the twin communities of Boabeng and Fiema, who came together to collectively protect the traditions of their people. A monkey sanctuary is among one of the many protected areas of culture, with the people of both communities living among the animals as equals in every dimension. We strive to promote the economy of this unique community and proudly market the crafts made by people who have lived in this region for generations. See our marketplace to view the many handmade sculptures of wildlife (monkeys, elephants, lions, and more) and symbols that encompass the values and customs of this remarkable village.

Ghana Medical Clinic

iHelp has recognized a need for improvement on existing infrastructure in these same areas. iHelp has teamed with local contractors to construct brand new education facilities which will have healthcare clinics attached. These hybrid sites will not only improve dilapidated structures and provide healthcare to those at risk, but serve as community centers in which several other outreach programs will be able to take place.

In our target areas, Government programs have not had a remarkable impact. These individuals live in conditions that we believe no human should be subjected to. Lack of sanitary measures, access to healthcare, and education fuel diseases that are not only preventable, but deadly left untreated. Please join our cause in providing medical care and ameliorating the various social determinants of health that place people at extreme risk.

We welcome fiscal donations, volunteer providers and students, and medical supplies at this time.

How To Help

Extreme poverty presents a high threat to the health and wellbeing of the population. Although opportunities are more present in Ghana’s second largest city, the individuals of these target communities live in such extreme conditions that they cannot realistically seek healthcare without incurring consequences for their families such as food insecurity.