Local Business

Our Goal

Many of the communities we serve have craftsmen and artisans who produce remarkable handcrafted pieces of work. Through e-commerce we hope to serve and enable the craftsmen/women of these communities
to sell their products on the global market, directly allowing them to provide for themselves and expand their market, in turn bolstering their local economies. This will help provide more opportunities and enhance
the vertical upward mobility of individuals in these communities. Additionally, through the sharing of arts and crafts, these communities share their culture, identity, and values with the rest of the world expressed through their work. Understanding and appreciating these crafts helps bring more attention to the cultures in which they belong to, the plights they face, and enhances the propensity to accept diversity

How it Works

Learn more about the craftsmen, the mastery of their arts, and the products of the various communities we serve and visit our marketplace where you can preorder and order some amazing handmade items. You
can help support our mission to create self-sustainable impacts in these communities today, and own a truly original, hand-made piece of art
directly from their respective culture.

Profits from each item goes directly to the artisans themselves, their community, and iHelp. Funds continue to assist in expanding our mission, expanding communities’ economic infrastructure such as dependable access to the internet. E-Commerce sales impact the spreading art and awareness worldwide while providing individuals with competitive earning opportunities.