Local Business

Our Goal

Many of the communities we serve have craftsmen and artisans who produce remarkable handcrafted pieces of work. Through e-commerce we hope to serve and enable the communities’ craftsmen and women to sell their products on the global market, giving them a stage to expand their market and the ability to benefit their families and the local economy. Furthermore, these communities express their cultural identity and values with the rest of the world through the shared experience of their craft. We believe that greater exposure to the crafts and richness of these cultures enhances appreciation of the individuals, their survival struggles, and imbues within our providers, compassion and acceptance of diversity.

How it Works

Learn more about the craftsmen, the mastery of their arts, and the products of the various communities we serve. Visit our marketplace where you can preorder and order some amazing handmade items. You can help support our mission to create self-sustainable impacts in these communities today, and own a truly original, hand-made piece of art directly from their respective culture.

Profits from each item goes directly to the artisans and their community, while also providing individuals with competitive earning opportunities. Funds assist us in expanding our mission and helping our local partners in infrastructure girding activities, such as boosting dependable access to the internet.