Medical Clinics

“A good provider treats the disease; a great provider treats the patient who has the disease”


In The Time of Medical Need, We are There to Help

Health disparities vary from community to community. While the specific issues differ, our approach remains consistent. Focusing on the individual communities social determinants of health (SDOH), iHelp is able to ameliorate the root causes of disparities while also rendering immediate care. With an interdisciplinary volunteer team, we provide medical care to those in need while also training individuals within the community to better preventative medicine tactics.

Through these projects, we strive to provide primary care to medically underserved populations in at-risk regions. It’s our hope to develop compassionate healthcare professionals dedicated to addressing the global socioeconomic healthcare disparities that we see today.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

In developed countries, ailments secondary to preventable illnesses continue to contribute to the leading causes of death. In underdeveloped countries, remote villages lack access to healthcare and, in turn, lack diagnoses of common diseases.

iHelp intends to bridge the gap between remote and underprivileged communities and healthcare professionals. Our target areas have limited access to healthcare. iHelp can lower the incidences of preventable illness-related death and disease by offering care directly.

Progressively Improving For a Better World

iHelp widens this community based education initiative and promotes better health habits, proper diet, knowledge of common disease etiologies that are prevalent in their community, and teaches self health monitoring practices. Donated medical supplies assist in our outreach initiatives and supply the communities with the needed tools to treat their sick. Our approach encourages self-sufficiency while building a cohesive environment that addresses SDOH such as access to healthcare and health literacy. 

Sustainability Is Vital

Working with community partners and local non-profits, we identify and assist in the most crucial areas needing improvement. Every community faces different healthcare issues. iHelp develops innovative methods to help communities based on their specific disease prevention and treatment needs.

iHelp ensures that our impact continues in the absence of international volunteers. We provide the tools and resources for health, education, and community growth projects to be permanent and provide the means to uplift communities by members of the community and local non-profits to limit their reliance on unreliable sources of support.