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Your Help Makes Our Mission Possible Goes a Long Ways Saves Lives Makes a Difference  Comes in Many Different Forms


There are many ways to contribute to our cause!

Healthcare Professional

Are you a healthcare professional who would like to sacrifice your time to help the most underserved around the world? If so please fill out a form so we can get in touch and start using your valuable skills and experience to make substantial impacts where it is needed most!

Healthcare Volunteer

Are you someone who is interested in volunteering and contributing to our efforts in the healthcare setting, but does not yet have many certifications/qualifications yet? Are you interested in gaining experience in the healthcare setting? If so we would love to have you! iHelp trains all new volunteers, and appreciates help from those of all levels of experience in our clinics!

Volunteer In Other Ways

Are you interested in contributing to our mission as a volunteer in other ways? There is a variety of ways you could use your talents and skills to expand our mission and help the most underserved around the world! You may even be able to help us in ways we haven't even thought of ourselves. If you are inspired by our mission and want to contribute in some way outside of healthcare, get in touch with us, we'd love to have your help!

Non-Healthcare Professional

iHelp is Always looking for volunteers with professional experience to volunteer and help provide guidance in key non-Healthcare ways. Some of these areas include Writing, Engineering, Accounting, SEO/Webpage, and Marketing. If you have professional experience in these areas or others and would consider donating some time, we would love to hear from you!


Your Donations Make Everything Possible! Save Lives! Can Take Many Forms Go a Long Ways! Provide Long Term Solutions Make the Difference of Life and Death

Donate Money

By donating directly to our cause, you enable us to pursue our mission in significant ways and go directly towards where it is needed most.

Donate Items

We are constantly seeking items and equipment to add to our mission and enable us to best provide for the most underserved. Learn more about what we are seeking, what may be garbage to you could save someone's life!

Find Us On Benevity

If your employer uses Benevity, your donations may even be matched! Find our cause on Benevity and help us make substantial differences for the underserved!

Shop Our Marketplace

By buying iHelp merchandise or pre-ordering handmade crafts from the communities we work in, you can support our cause.

Sponsor An Event

We have several ongoing events and many more that are on hold until we obtain the fiscal support to make them happen. If you or your company may consider sponsoring an iHelp event, click on this circle and get in touch to discuss more!

Internship Applications

Join our team, gain experience, and apply for an internship today!
As a member of our team, you can have the chance to make direct impacts in communities all over the world
As a member of our team, you will get a chance to work with communities, teams, and individuals of various eclectic backgrounds all over the world
There is so much to gain and learn from working with cultures all over the world. Start Today!
Gain valuable experience towards your future career while making significant impacts in others lives where it is needed most
Join Our Team Today!
Who knows where you will go and who you will help with iHelp!
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