Fundación Madrid Campestre in Medellin


Help us #BuildABetterWorld for at-risk populations in Medellin

Fundación Madrid Campestre in Medellin

Help support our initiative and continued partnership with Fundación Madrid Campestre, a local nonprofit in Medellin, Colombia. Fundación Madrid Campestre has been actively addressing the many prevalent socioeconomic conditions affecting the growing underserved population living in the barrios of Medellin, Colombia. With years of experience helping their community, their goal has been to enhance the long-term healthcare outcomes and upward socioeconomic mobility of the populations they serve, striving to break the cycle of poverty.

Fundación Madrid Campestre serves children and families with limited resource by providing education, nutritious food, emotional, and psychological support. They are focused on to addressing and preventing sexual abuse, domestic, and social violence within the community. Fundación Madrid Campestre hopes to help individuals and families by constructioning houses, providing food and education, and nurturing a supportive community.

How We Plan to Help

We hope to help alleviate the supply and fiscal strains that continually hinder Fundación Madrid Campestre’s ability to accomplish its goals of expanding and helping more communities that need support. To help Fundación Madrid Campestre, iHelp will aid in supporting their schools and programs, and bolster the foundation’s efforts. We additionally will provide guidance and assistance aligning with our own mission to help grow their initiatives in an ethical manner. iHelp plans to act as a supply chain for partner nonprofit operations.

We pledge to help expand Fundación Madrid Campestre’s reach, impact, ability, and hopefully extend its services to the growing underserved population in Medellin and eventually other regions of Colombia.

Help us #BuildaBetterWorld

We are requesting fiscal and non-fiscal donations such as school supplies, toys, food to take home, and materials to build houses. To help support this endeavor, you can find a complete list of items they are seeking in the dedicated section of the Redistribute Medical Supplies page Additionally, some items are difficult to obtain and transport to Colombia, which is why fiscal donations and sponsorships go a long way to help support Fundación Madrid Campestre to improve their operations as they see most effective. If you feel compelled and it is within your means to aid us in this endeavor, please visit our donation page for more information.